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Here is the place where I record some tactics about wargame, systems, and other security issues.


Hack This Site! - Extbasic 4


Finda Fake 2

Level 3

Often times you will need to decipher a language which you can not find on google, or is encrypted in some way
I have made up a language for you to decipher. This is slightly harder. What is the output of this program?
This is a REAL language with REAL rules. This is practice for obfustication or encrypted functions.

{user types 6,7}
var int as in
int var as in
out var int

  1. Like level 3, "BEGIB F.ake" equals to main entry point of this program.
  2. "var int as in" is variable initialization where variable "var"  is an integer and has value of first user input.
  3. "int var as in" is also variable initialization where variable "int"  is an unknown type variable and has value of second user input.
  4. The final line output the two variable "var" and "int" = 67
  5. Input 67 and check.
  6. It's done!