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Here is the place where I record some tactics about wargame, systems, and other security issues.


WeChall - Training: Programming 1


When you visit this link you receive a message.
Submit the same message back to https://www.wechall.net/challenge/training/programming1/index.php?answer=the_message
Your timelimit is 1.337 seconds

  1. Each time when you visit the link, it will display a random text on the page. And you have only 1.337 seconds to process the whole HTTP GET and Request actions.
  2. Of course you have to login the website first, and the website will always check your cookies.
  3. So, I decide to use Ajax to conquer this challenge. Below is my code example.
    url: 'http://www.wechall.net/challenge/training/programming1/index.php?action=request',
    type: 'get',
    dataType: 'text',
    var newUrl="index.php?answer="+data;
  4. Open JavaScript Console of Chrome Developer Tools and sent the above code.
  5. Your answer is correct. Congratulations you have solved this challenge.