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Here is the place where I record some tactics about wargame, systems, and other security issues.


Hacker Test - Level 5


  1. When you get into this level, there will be a prompt popped up to require you enter the password. If you enter a wrong answer, it will redirect you back to level 4.
  2. Disable the JavaScript functionality of your browser and re-enter this level. You will see the webpage like above.
  3. View page source code and find the JavaScript code below.
    <script language=JavaScript>
    var pass, i;
    pass=prompt("Password: ","");
    if (pass=="SAvE-as hELpS a lOt") {
    }else {alert("Try again");
    // -->
  4. Got it!
    password : SAvE-as hELpS a lOt
    URL of level 6 : http://www.hackertest.net/save_as.htm

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