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Bright Shadows - Crypto 20: "MD is my friend!" [made by nighthawk]

Who or what is md?
8FC42C6DDF9966DB3B09E84365034357 1A1DC91C907325C69271DDF0C944BC72
639BAE9AC6B3E1A84CEBB7B403297B79 A3186A309D94022F5D4EC3A601F4A7C6
A2A551A6458A8DE22446CC76D639A9E9 0800FC577294C34E0B28AD2839435945
DE95B43BCEEB4B998AED4AED5CEF1AE7 39C63DDB96A31B9610CD976B896AD4F0
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  1. Use an online tool to crack the hash values.
    Tool: http://crackstation.net/
  2. Here are the mappings.
    Hash                             Type   Result
    8FC42C6DDF9966DB3B09E84365034357 md5  the
    1A1DC91C907325C69271DDF0C944BC72 md5  pass
    639BAE9AC6B3E1A84CEBB7B403297B79 md5  you
    A3186A309D94022F5D4EC3A601F4A7C6 md5  want
    A2A551A6458A8DE22446CC76D639A9E9 md5  is
    0800FC577294C34E0B28AD2839435945 md5  hash
    DE95B43BCEEB4B998AED4AED5CEF1AE7 md5  edit
    39C63DDB96A31B9610CD976B896AD4F0 md5  man

  3. Input the answer : hash edit man
  4. Well done!!

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