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Bright Shadows - Exploit 4: "Take a cookie or two."


Only login in as theblacksheep. Then you get into the member area.
Password:|____________________| Login
  1. If we follow the direction and input 'theblacksheep' as the username, the page will show us an error message like below.
    Sorry, that name already exists. Try an other one.
  2. So, we should input something like 'test' to figure out what will happen after we login the page. Below is the result. There's nothing!
    Hi test, what's going on?
    | Logout |
     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
  3. Since this challenge is about cookies, we should check the cookies first and we would get a cookie like below.
    Name: TheBlacksheepCookie
    Value: test
    Domain: .www.bright-shadows.net
    Path: /challenges/exploits/cookies/
  4. Let's modify the value of the cookie. Open JavaScript Console in Chrome Developer Tools and  enter the code below to replace 'test' with 'theblacksheep'.
  5. Press Logout button. Well done!

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